How prepared is your business for a disaster?

Disasters can come in many forms and they can happen when you least expect it. Only 6% of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss survive while 43% never reopen and 51% close within 2 years of the disaster. 93% of the companies that did not have their data backed up in the event of a disaster went out of business. (Best’s Underwriting Guide)
Protect your business from:
  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Power Outages
  • Hurricanes
  • Human Error
  • Thieves & Hackers
  • Viruses & Worms
The important thing is to be prepared so critical data can be recovered and your organization can become operational as soon as possible. A disaster recovery plan is essential in these cases. A well-planned backup and recovery solution plays a crucial role in minimizing downtime in a disaster and preventing data loss in the event of server or application failure. What makes a true disaster recovery solution is the ability to restore full systems quickly, in a matter of hours or even minutes, on available computing resources which may be local, but may also be remote if the situation dictates. Our cost-effective solutions can be combined with your existing disaster recovery plan to complement or enhance it as needed. Our expert staff will design a comprehensive solution that assures the availability, security and recoverability of your infrastructure. Knowing that your data is backed up locally and off-site will make it easier for you to concentrate entirely on your business.


Can You Run Your Business Without Your Data?

Branch Technologies recommends using a hybrid backup solution to ensure complete protection.


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