Managed Dental IT Support for your Practice

Dental offices have become exposed to cyber security threats, as a result of their heavy reliance on electronic data. The increasing volume of cyber-attacks, suggests

that as a dental practitioner, you have to take proper measures to ward off these threats and keep your data secured. Cyber security breach of any kind will undoubtedly lead to a lot of damage, which can be disastrous to any dental practice.

When your staff continuously worries about hardware crashes, data security, and software issues, this can lead to lost productivity and less focus on the patients. Your dental practice needs the specialized managed IT services and server support only a Dental IT professional can provide. Branch Technologies is that professional.


"Healthcare's newest security threat: Ransomware"


At Branch Technologies, we provide all the managed IT services to meet your dental practice needs. We offer remote options, preventative maintenance, and support for all your applications, hardware and network integration needs.

Branch Technologies will install and maintain:Dental IT Support

HIPAA Compliance

As HIPAA Compliance Specialists, Branch Technologies understands how to save your patient information to not only be compliant with HITECH and HIPAA laws, but also to be perfectly secure. We propose data storage options to solve possible data susceptibility.

Dental office hardware

We install and service tablet PCs, desktop computers, and server systems along with dental X-rays, RVG detectors, and intraoral cameras. We also support and install phone and internet lines for dentist offices. Providing you with end-to-end IT coverage.

Dental applications

We are experienced in supporting and installing dental office management applications and dental billing applications that you and your staff rely on everyday.

Data Storage

At Branch Technologies, we can securely help your dental office save and host data, including patient information so that it stays HIPAA compliant. We detect possible security threats before they become a problem and proactively offer 24/7 server support.

We also provide security audits to identify vulnerabilities and issues, which could damage your reputation and dental practice. With Branch Technologies, you’re assured of premium managed IT services and server support. We say we will keep your dental office safe and secure – and that’s exactly what we are going to do!

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Branch Technologies understands the current demands placed on dental practices.



They never fail to deliver…

Branch Technologies has highly skilled IT specialists in a wide variety of technologies. They never fail to deliver on projects on-time and with quality results. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Janet Niekamp