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The Danger Posed by Cloud Security Threats

Cloud computing has created a whole new dimension of information technology and it has offered innovation and new possibility to various business verticals. Organizations and enterprises are excited by the agility and on-demand provisioning of computing provided by the cloud. However, amongst all this excitement of the ease of computing offered in the cloud, there is still one thing that haunts various businesses making use of cloud computing – the issue of cyber security threats.
Cyber security threats never disappeared with cloud computing – rather it evolved. Just as organizations and businesses changed their computer usage habits, so also is the change in the type of threats that exist in the computing world. The introduction of new ways of computing like Cloud Computing gives users a lot of advantages when it comes to flexibility, freedom and productivity, but in addition they also provide new avenues for malicious individuals to breach computer securities. So, while the Cloud has given users an entirely new world of mobile computing, it’s also created entirely new avenues for hackers to attack and compromise systems. Examples include the loss of customers’ passwords, private data, and other sensitive internal information.

Cyber security attacks as well as the ways through which they affect organizations and individuals are constantly in a state of transformation. The solution to a particular cyber security threat oftentimes leads to a more creative and improved method of attack by the many creative hackers out there. This is why, as an organization making use of the cloud computing services, you need to contract a cyber-security professional to always safeguard and protect your company’s data.

One of the top threats faced by both private users and organizations is information violations. While organizations worry that their sensitive corporate information will fall into the hands of malicious third parties, private users worry that their bank details and credit card information might be tampered with. This is of course not a new cyber security threat, but new strategies and routes have been devised as a result of the emergence of cloud computing, with badly-designed multitenant databases and virtual machines offering different access points.

This means it’s time for businesses to start having strategic plans for their cyber security problems. Cyber security threat is an important factor in successfully attaining regulatory compliance, whatever business a company may be in. Noncompliance through having insufficient protection of customer and corporate information is a terrifying idea for virtually any business manager, so cyber security should be at the top of the ‘to do’ list of any executive.

Remember, it’s always better to prevent a security breach than to contain it – never forget that.